Your self-service spatial cloud

eVouala revolutionizes the way to manage and analyze spatial or geographical information. It makes use of online technologies to provide a real-time modern and a user-friendly collaborative environment to help solve what used to be considered complex problems lost within the traditional geomatics silos.

eVouala is a platform purposely designed to be used by managers and those individuals that may not possess the all the skills of a GIS (Geographic Information system) specialist. It is a very valuable tool for the developers and GIS specialists when collecting or delivering data information that has location or georeference component to it.



Add, import and connect to spatial data services with one click.

Import data from dozens of industry leading formats including; Microsoft Excel, ESRI SHP, Garmin GPX, Google KML, MapInfo MIF/TAB and raster formats such as GeoTiff, GRD, etc.

Centralize all your data assets into one convenient Library tailored to your business needs.


Combine layers of spatial information from internal/external data sources to generate professional maps.

Field workers and office personnel can collaborate in real-time.

Data collection is exceptionally easy thanks to data entry right onto the maps you created.

Download and export business intelligence anywhere/anytime.

Gain new insights into your ever changing business environment.


Worldwide real-time visual collaboration tools

Map sharing with a mouse click; seamless integration with your corporate/user applications.

Tightly managed user permissions for absolute control over all of the data, maps and application access rules.

eVouala fully integrates into your business

Smart analytics at your fingertips anywhere/anytime with Jaspersoft report services.

Seamless integration with your business through publishing of custom web mapping applications.

Tailored For Your Needs


Advanced permissions management allows total control over exactly what data/functionality a user or group of users can access.


Simple to use, easy to understand.


Share your maps and applications with the world using an accessible mouse click, or integrate it seamlessly into your corporate applications or website.


Centralized Library

Centralization of all your data assets into one convenient Library

Import Any Data

Importing of data using dozens of industry leading formats from internal sources or public data catalogues.

Connect Map Services

Easy connection to remote web map services (WMS, TMS, Postgis, Bing, Here, etc.)

Simple Map Creation / Customization

Any library file can be mapped and styled with powerful theming tools.

Powerful Editing Tools

Interactive map editing capabilities with custom forms for data entry quality assurance.


Sharing of maps using ‘permalinks’ or as a WMS service.

Permission Management

Management of the Privileges and Permissions of Users and Groups for full access control capabilities.


Support for advanced reports and queries using Jaspersoft services.

Real-time Data

Scheduling of automatic updates from real-time information sources.

Create Applications

Users can create and publish their own web-mapping applications.


Monitor platform activity, receive alerts in response to events, anywhere/anytime.

API for developers

REST API for developers allows advanced integration of eVouala in your environment.

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